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Excuse me while I deviate a little bit from my usual  travel and style post. But I taught I would start the year off by speaking a little on the topic  of how much blogging has changed from back when I first started.
Who remembers back when blogging was all fun and a way to show your passion, creativity and connect with like minded people? Those were the good old days..but since the rise of Instagram and the monetary aspect of blogging/ influencing " a term which I hate by the way". It has become a mathematical rat race in the pursuit of popularity which has sadly resulted in a influx of falseness and inauthenticity.
Are people now just a number and means to get to the top of the food chain? Are we stilling doing it for the love or does the monetary potential precedes it? Since you can literally become a blogger/ influencer just by being on Instagram; I think I've pretty much seen it all when it comes to the things that people will do to get ahead in this so called game. From the follow to un-follow, the scripted comments, engagement pods, buying followers, oh and the re-follow after they've already un-followed you..... Ummm girl bye...the transparency.
Now, I am not trying to Bash anyone, this is just my own personal opinion based on my own experience since I started taking blogging seriously. I also know that blogging is a career for many and thats how the bills get paid etc. But it becomes hard for a lot people  to remain humble and authentic and remember why they started. 
Its so  funny how numbers and flattery from comments can boost a person's confidence and on the contrary the lack thereof fuels depression and a sense of not being good enough. Well I am here to tell you that you are fucking  awesome and a badass; no internet number should validate your worth.
But, all is not lost because I have  met some genuine and authentic people in this community that has a true passion for the art that is blogging and are willing to connect with you because they genuinely like your work regardless of numbers; the ones that started from the bottom and remain truth to themselves. I wish that more of us can be inspired  by each other and show a bit more  authenticity; rather than be in a competition and a race towards popularity.


Nod your heads in approval because I am sure that most of you will agree with me when I say, one of the most difficult piece of clothing to shop for online are jeans. Heck! we can barely find ones that fits just right when shopping in stores much less. The perfect waist size..loose around the bum.... the perfect fit up top....way too short or too long. Then there are the ones that get stuck at thighs length and not to mention the ones that go up perfectly but you just can't get that dam button to shut.......ughh the eternal the struggles.
After Trail and Error and Trial and error again HaHa..I am here to score you tips on how to find your best fit when shopping for jeans online. All too familiar is that utter excitement when you hit that add to cart button on those bomb jeans you've been stalking then make a mad dash with your virtual cart to checkout. By the time you get that confirmation email, anticipation for those booty huggers  to arrive are high only to be met with sheer disappointment when you try them on and realize and your booty hugging dreams have been crushed. Wait!!! This has  literally been me before I learned these tips that has made jeans shopping online a breeze.
Knowing your measurements is the first thing you will want to get right; be sure to keep a tape measure at home so that you can easily take your waist and hip size. Also knowing your correct height and standard pants size is a plus for Eg. Small, Medium or Large; these will provide the basic guidelines in choosing the perfect fit. 

A lot of online stores has sizing labelled in US, UK ,EU and even AU depending on the website. Most of them allow you to select the one that suits you based on the region you live in which usually determines the type of measurement used. For Eg, a US Size 4 would be a UK size 8, also many UK and EU site use waste measurements, so instead of listing as Size 4 it would list as a size 26.  So a key note is to check the  size guide and international conversion which is usually listed below the item you plan on purchasing. Another thing to take into consideration is the brand. For online stores such as ASOS that carry a lot of different brands, the size may vary a size 4 in one brand may not fit the same as a size 4 in another brand.
Always be sure to check the type of material from which the jeans are  made, this can be a key factor in determining if a jeans is the right fit for you. Most of the time jeans are a blend of different materials such as cotton, elastane, polyester or viscose. Any of these combinations with elastane are a safe bet because that will tell you right away that the jeans have a certain amount of stretch. 100% cotton mean that there is no stretch to the jeans, this is something to bear in mind depending on the fit you are going for. Full cotton is perfect when shopping for boyfriend jeans but on the other hand (in some cases) not so much if you are looking for a tight fitted skinny jeans. ( PS these white denims are definitely booty huggers Ha!)

To further elaborate on brands which I touched briefly on under sizing, you will quickly realize that your size for example in a Levi's jeans is different from your size in a Misguided Jeans. This goes back to making sure you pay keen attention to the size guide chart on whichever website you opt to shop from. You can shop some of my favorite brands of denim here:
Another thing that I find to be very helpful are the sites that feature a preview video of models showcasing the item. Call it a mini runway show if you will, but this really helps in displaying how the clothes fits the model which gives an idea of how a particular jeans would actually lay on the body. Here is a list of stores that carries this feature:

I hope that these tips will be helpful the next time you shop for jeans online. Happy Denim shopping. 😉

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