Nail polish is an accessories that can really spunk up an outfit and complete your look. I love wearing nail polish in all different shades and color, I change my nail color every week because I get easily bored with having the same color or design; which is good because then I can get to mix it up with my outfits. 

This design i created using neon yellow,cherry red and black nail art design polish. I prefer to wear my natural nail rather than acrylic or false nail; but this design goes well with whatever works for you. Here are the steps to achieving this look, have fun :)!

Use a buffing board to buff down the nail to make sure that they are nicely shaped and smooth.

Apply top coat to your natural nail or false nail if you prefer, this will protected your nail from discoloration and give the polish a sheer look.

Step 3
Apply the polish of your choice, it does not necessarily have to be the same colors that i used, you can choose two other colors, but make sure that they are bright and bold so that when you apply the black stripes it is visible clear.  Use these two colors alternatively  to achieve the look. 

Step 4
After the base polish is dried, use the black nail art polish to create zebra like stripe on the base polish, allow it to dry before apply top coat which will help the polish to latest long while given it a nice shine. 

There you have your what i call color block-zebra stripe! :)  


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