Can't believe we are half way through March already, but I'm not complaining because I am anticipating my mini vacation in April which I cannot wait to share here on the blog.  When it comes to putting an oufit together comfort is key. This white cropped palazzo pants from Missguided exudes that effortlessly; featuring this Polka Dot satin top from Asos for this 1960's retro style. I am totally obsessed with fashion from the 60s there is just something about it that resonates with me.
Online shopping is my thing and I get so excited whenever I find a good online store. Currently, I am loving, ok obsessed there I said it, with Asos for more reasons than one. It is like a one stop shop because they have pieces from various brands including low to high end and the quality is excellent. I am yet to be disappointed, everything looks just as pictured. An added bonus is each item has a video of a model featuring the pieces so thats a win win for me because you get to see how it actually falls on the body.


So spring is finally here which means its time to start adding that pop of color to your outfit and accessories.  You know those pretty costume jewelry that go from shiny to dull after a couple of wears and you probably just throw them out or just never wear them again, at least thats what I've done in the past. Well here is a little DIY on how I spruced up these bracelets by adding some fun colors just in time for spring. 
  • First you will need some nail polishes any three color of your choice ( here I used pink, blue and bronze), a top coat and steady hands.
  • For the single colored ones, I painted along the surface of each bracelet going all the way around until I end up where I started. You'll get some nail polish on your hands but nothing a nail polish remover can't handle.
  • For the three toned ones I alternate with each color along the surface with steady as I can hands so that the point where two colors meet looks in sync.
  • Lastly I let them sit and dry for about 2hrs then apply the top coat to seal the color in.
Now you have bracelet like new. SP ❤
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