Lately I have been loving flats for more reasons than one,  they are easy to slip on  and of course they are way more comfortable than heels. They have been super convenient for me on my city  struts especially in a place like New York with a lot of  grounds  to cover . Flats have pretty  much been a life saver these past days. Whats even more awesome is how stylish some of these  flats are; I have discovered some very chic ones since my slight obsession with them.

 These Oxford Shoes I got  as a early Birthday gift and I love them especially since they are in gold which is my favorite color to accessorize with. Bestie even got a pair for herself in silver.  I  paired these with  distressed jeans, a black blazer both from Asos and added a pop of spring color with this yellow top.

I am now convinced that New York's weather is absolutely  bi-polar, one day it is nice and warm or even hot and the next you are freezing. It is definitely crazy out here, but I guess it is the norm for New Yorkers Ha!  On the contrary, it has not been as cold this time around, it was pretty much worst on my last spring visit. I must add that New York City has some of the coolest street art and graffiti walls. 

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