You know it's time to pack up Spring and unwrap Summer when Spring temperature in New York starts to feel like Caribbean weather.  But fortunately, there are a few things that you can take with you and frills and flats are two of them.
This off the shoulder white top with frill details was perfect for my day stroll to Sephora one of favorite places to visit whenever I'm in the States. I paired it with this boyfriend jeans from misguided    and theses pythons flats from Asos. This is another addition to my flats collection; pointed toe plus snaked print  how chic is that.

Walking into Sephora is like makeup heaven for any makeup lover like myself. I wanted to literally purchase one of everything to add to my already mountain high stash of makeup lol!. It took me some serious self control to get out with just the items I had planned on getting.

My trip to NYC was the least bit to say short and sweet. I have got to start taking longer trips. There was so much to do in so little time and I still did not cover all the grounds I had set out to do Initially. From Manhattan nights, Macaron Shops to day time City Struts this concrete jungle is filled with awesome delights.  Do people that live here ever get use to this City? I think probably not ha!  

Quick tip if you plan on visiting New York and going all touristy like me; flats are the best shoes option especially if you plan on exploring the City which I highly recommend. Until next time xo NYC. 

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