Being an Island  girl one of my favorite places to be is at the beach, whenever I need to unwind and ease the stresses of everyday life; sand, salt water and sun is always the cure. This leg of Island Trek took us to  Strawberry Field Together in the Beautiful Parish of St, Mary. The rustic laid back setting of this place truly exudes that authentic Island vibes. Now, this place is huge and offers the option of just kicking back for the day or you can book a cottage and spend an enitre weekend, whatever floats your boat. There are also activities such as hiking and tour packages for in and around the area; we opt for the kick back vibes this time around.  

A huge lawn area spans across a wall barrier just above the beach which is great to just chill and have a picnic with friends and family. You can bring your own food or you can patronize the restaurant on the property, which I highly recommend as the authentic Jamaican cuisine will definitely tantalize your taste buds as it did mine. Besides, the entry fee is cheaper when you purchase from the restaurant.

As you would probably know by now, a Trek isn't complete without the prefect outfit. I love casual comfortable styles whenever I go on a Island Trek. This two piece set I got on sale  from   Forever21 while in Japan, paired with my now favorite Vans Sneakers which is super super comfortable. A light and airy outfit is always a better choice and of course comfortable shoes especially for treks that require a lot of walking. 
What I love about this beach is, it's secluded and shelter by the trees above the wall barrier, which makes it easy for you to just spread your towel and layout with not too much direct heat from the sun. The sea is a little rough on the sides where huge rocks protrude into the water, yet calmer and warm on the beach front; another beautiful and interesting feature of this beach. So, the next time you plan on going to the beach or if you are planning a trip to Jamaica be sure to add Strawberry Fields to your list. 

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