Welcome Spring a lot of us have been waiting patiently for you. Whats more exciting than the warmer temperatures is  all the fashion trends that come along with it. Peep this cute handbag trend that has been going at it for awhile now; it has become increasingly popular and is a must have accessory in your closet. I for one am definitely loving it, I am talking about....The Basket Bag. You will see them as raffia, wicker, straw and even bamboo bags. They are the perfect accessories for every occasion because of the myriad of style they come in. If you are a traveler like me, then these serve as the perfect accessory whether you are exploring a city or kicking it at a beach. This one in particular, I got at  a Kraft market  in Jamaica for only $3500 JMD / around $25 USD. The cool part is you can find so many one of a kind unique designs at most local Kraft Markets, but if you aren't able to visit one I have listed a few links below on where to shop various types online.

Here are the links to a few options. Happy Shopping. :))
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