Excuse me while I deviate a little bit from my usual  travel and style post. But I taught I would start the year off by speaking a little on the topic  of how much blogging has changed from back when I first started.
Who remembers back when blogging was all fun and a way to show your passion, creativity and connect with like minded people? Those were the good old days..but since the rise of Instagram and the monetary aspect of blogging/ influencing " a term which I hate by the way". It has become a mathematical rat race in the pursuit of popularity which has sadly resulted in a influx of falseness and inauthenticity.
Are people now just a number and means to get to the top of the food chain? Are we stilling doing it for the love or does the monetary potential precedes it? Since you can literally become a blogger/ influencer just by being on Instagram; I think I've pretty much seen it all when it comes to the things that people will do to get ahead in this so called game. From the follow to un-follow, the scripted comments, engagement pods, buying followers, oh and the re-follow after they've already un-followed you..... Ummm girl bye...the transparency.
Now, I am not trying to Bash anyone, this is just my own personal opinion based on my own experience since I started taking blogging seriously. I also know that blogging is a career for many and thats how the bills get paid etc. But it becomes hard for a lot people  to remain humble and authentic and remember why they started. 
Its so  funny how numbers and flattery from comments can boost a person's confidence and on the contrary the lack thereof fuels depression and a sense of not being good enough. Well I am here to tell you that you are fucking  awesome and a badass; no internet number should validate your worth.
But, all is not lost because I have  met some genuine and authentic people in this community that has a true passion for the art that is blogging and are willing to connect with you because they genuinely like your work regardless of numbers; the ones that started from the bottom and remain truth to themselves. I wish that more of us can be inspired  by each other and show a bit more  authenticity; rather than be in a competition and a race towards popularity.

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