So the best season of the year is back, warm sun, cool breeze, white sand and blue water, need  i say more?And of course beside that perfect swimsuit how can u be complete for summer without that perfect pair of sunglasses to go with it. Going to the beach without your sunglasses is like stepping outside naked! There are a wide variety of shades that you can choose from ranging from different color, shape and size to match every occasion. But most importantly guys, is finding sunglasses that are the perfect fit for your face.

The Square Face
Now for face shape that are square, comprising strong jaw line and broad forehead; oval and round frames are the ideal fit. Stay away from square shaped glasses that will clash with your face shape.These two numbers will be prefect for you!

Oval Frame and Round Frame Sunglasses

The Oval Face
The oval face is the most versatile shape face and has mostly balance proportions, almost any shape frame sunglasses would go perfect for those with oval shaped faces. Here are few styles from vintage to futuristic that will look great on you.
Rectangular, Round and Angular Frame Sunglasses

 The Round Face
This face shape has full cheeks, round chin and little angles. Avoid small and short frames go for rectangular style frames and angular frames  that sharpen these facial feature and make the face appear longer. Check these out!
Rectangular Frames

The Diamond Face
Small forehead and chin with angular features and cheek bones that are dramatic sums up the diamond shape face. Go for oval frames  that give balance to your face and cat eye style that emphasizes  your cheek bones, these two will make an ideal fit.
Round and Cat eyed Framed Sunglasses
The Heart Face
The features of the heart shape face is wide cheek bones, small chin and broad forehead. Narrow round frames that soften the forehead would be the preferred choice for this shape face. This Aviator and round frame shaded are just splendid.
Aviator and Round Frame Sunglasses

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