The choker trend has become increasingly popular in urban fashion, from metallic to fabric and even beads you can get creative with almost anything. If you are looking to get creative and not spend a dime you can use old clothing and make them yourself. Ever since kim k rocked the denim choker we have seen a number of celebrities and fashionista sporting this accessory. For the denim choker I cut an old jeans and the black choker I customised from a old headband. Heres how to get creative and rock DIY chocker.
1). You need old clothing, a pair of scissor, pins, buttons, needle and threads.
2). You can use solids or prints. Cut them along a straight line, u can go thin or thick based on your preference.
3). Measure around your neck and fit to your comfort leave.
4). Slit one end of the material and sew a button on the next to accommodate for buttoning. A pin can be used as well, which works well for the jeans choker.
5) Another option to use minus the pins and buttons, is to cut the material long enough so that you can tie a bow at the back. The bow add a cute look as well.

Hope these tip sparks some creative ideas on how to get this glam look at no cost with your own touch!

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