Happy New Month loves, we are almost at the end of 2017 and fall is well in full swing. This print has been a major hit on the runway and hot on the streets during this years fashion week in all major fashion capitals across the globe.  I am talking about check prints in all its glory. I am not usually one to jump on trends but there is something about these check plaids that just got me.

I especially love the gray hue because it goes so well with basically everything. I styled my missguided check plaid blazer with one of my favorite denims and this black plunge bodysuit; I topped it off with these gold oxfords and tinted sun glasses from forever21.


When it comes down to accessories, I like to keep things elegant and minimalist. For me, the right accessory can really tie an outfit together and completely transform a look.  One of my favorite things to accessorize with is a time piece; I love that a watch is multipurpose in telling time and can also serve as that key piece to making your outfit pop! I literally wear a watch  90% of the times; so I was thrilled when JORD watches reached out to me to do a collaboration with one of their wooden watches. I love unique items and these wood watches exudes just that; the wooden finish and metallic dial are the perfect contrast and the natural tones make it easy to style with any outfit. I chose the  Frankie Zebrawood with a Navy color face which is prefect for the fall season. I love that JORD carries a wide selection of not just women's but men's wooden watch as well, so fella's don't feel left out because JORD got you too! Click the link to checkout out their unique men's watches 
Here I styled the watch with this white top and ripped boyfriend denims from Missguided.  I completed the look with these oh so cool ankle boots from the truffle collection. P.S. I have added combat boots as a staple piece to my closet, I have my eye on a pair of Dr. Martens. 
Now the exciting news is JORD has given me the opportunity to provide my readers  with the chance to win a $100USD gift code to use on the JORD site towards purchasing your very own unique wood watch. One lucky person will win BUT everyone who enter will receive a consolation code with $25USD once the contest ends, how awesome is that! Click here→ wood watches to enter for a chance to win. The giveaway closes on Oct 29, 2017 at 11:59pm and both the $100USD  and $25USD codes will expire on Nov 30, 2017.

Luxury Wooden Watch


Being an Island  girl one of my favorite places to be is at the beach, whenever I need to unwind and ease the stresses of everyday life; sand, salt water and sun is always the cure. This leg of Island Trek took us to  Strawberry Field Together in the Beautiful Parish of St, Mary. The rustic laid back setting of this place truly exudes that authentic Island vibes. Now, this place is huge and offers the option of just kicking back for the day or you can book a cottage and spend an enitre weekend, whatever floats your boat. There are also activities such as hiking and tour packages for in and around the area; we opt for the kick back vibes this time around.  

A huge lawn area spans across a wall barrier just above the beach which is great to just chill and have a picnic with friends and family. You can bring your own food or you can patronize the restaurant on the property, which I highly recommend as the authentic Jamaican cuisine will definitely tantalize your taste buds as it did mine. Besides, the entry fee is cheaper when you purchase from the restaurant.

As you would probably know by now, a Trek isn't complete without the prefect outfit. I love casual comfortable styles whenever I go on a Island Trek. This two piece set I got on sale  from   Forever21 while in Japan, paired with my now favorite Vans Sneakers which is super super comfortable. A light and airy outfit is always a better choice and of course comfortable shoes especially for treks that require a lot of walking. 
What I love about this beach is, it's secluded and shelter by the trees above the wall barrier, which makes it easy for you to just spread your towel and layout with not too much direct heat from the sun. The sea is a little rough on the sides where huge rocks protrude into the water, yet calmer and warm on the beach front; another beautiful and interesting feature of this beach. So, the next time you plan on going to the beach or if you are planning a trip to Jamaica be sure to add Strawberry Fields to your list. 


The title post says it all and as promised, the favorite part of my trip while in Japan was Tokyo. I have rounded up my top 5 things to do and see if you plan on visiting this beautiful destination. First of all, if you plan on visiting Japan, Tokyo is a must ok. Going to Japan and not going to Tokyo is like having a pool party without the pool. Its that serious people😀.
Tokyo is huge and it was just not humanly possible to go every in just two weeks. However, I did manage to make it to a few bucket list worthy spots.  
 I am going to start off with one of the most popular of all and that is the Shibuya Crossing. Yes, that same crossing from the Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift movie.This is the busiest crossing in the world which is always jam packed with people. All the lights at this intersection changes to red at the same time which I like to call "people time", hundreds of people scramble across in every direction and then it goes back to green for what I call "vehicle time" and this goes on like clock work. It is one of those things you have to see for yourself; tourist and locals literally go there just to cross the street. Here is a tip, if you really want  see the crossing in full action go into one of the buildings  surrounding the crossing to get a good overhead view. I went into Starbucks which had a pretty good view of it especially since the building housing Starbucks had transparent glass and seating right next to the windows. Talk about coffee with a view. I went both in night and at day time; PS..the night view was epic.
PS- I didn't get a good picture of the entire crossing, this is only one side of it with Pedestrian waiting to cross. FYI this is " Vehicle time".
Second on my list is Akihabara aka Electric Town, which is a highly vibrant area with tons and tons of Electronic Stores and if you're an Anime fan, well lets just say it doesn't get better than this. And Pro Bono, most of the stores offer tax free shopping to tourist; just remember to walk with your passport to show.

Japan has so many hidden gems and I found the Shrines to be one of the most fascinating part of the Japanese culture. I was beyond elated when I found this Miniature Tori Gates at the Hie Shrine tucked away in Akasaka, Tokyo. And since I didn't get the chance to go to Kyoto, I think this was a good alternative. The Tori gates are usually found at entrance of or within the Shinto Shrine and they symbolize the entry into a sacred place.

The Imperial Palace in Chiyoda is fourth on the list, my friend and I wonder out of the busy city center and for a few minutes I was sure we were lost, we ended up in Chiyoda and was wondering if we were still in Tokyo. This areas was so different with lots of corporate buildings and green spaces. Then boom! smacked in the middle of all this is the Imperial Palace which is huge with miles of garden and open spaces most of which is surrounded by massive stones walls.

I saved my favorite place for last and that is Shinjuku which is a massive shopping area in Tokyo. It houses a lot of  the high end stores from Channel to Hermes, Rolex and Gucci to stores more fitting my bank account like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 Haha! And of course there is a restaurant or food spot at every corner. I love Sushi and since Japan is the Mecca of Sushi it was a must have. Also, if you ever visit this area, be sure to go to the Isetan Mall which has loads of stores and a huge food court minus the seating; you might get a little confused with the wide selection of food to choose from. 
Japan is a long way for those living on the Western side of the world, but I guarantee you its worth the coins and the 2Days Flight. 


They say if we were meant to stay in one place we would have roots instead of feet. Since the start of 2017 I made a decision to start being more adventurous, so I set out to do more travelling both locally, as you might have seen from my Island Trekking category hear on the blog and also internationally. Call it a case of wanderlust; by the way I see that term being used loosely across social media, must be a trend; we all know how people love to hop on trends. Anyhow; since my sister lives in Japan it became one of the first places to tick off my bucket list. I am not sure why the majority of people in Jamaica are of the notion that America, Canada and UK are the only foreign countries worth visiting; that's crazy right? My exactly sentiments. Don't get me wrong America is great and Canada and UK are on my bucket list, but there are so many other unique places to see as well and Japan is definitely one of them.
Where do I begin, Japan is nothing short of amazing; from the culture, its people to the amazing cities; I knew I was in for a treat the moment I got there. The people are so organized and orderly, I was amazed by how people actually line up to get on a train and how they stand to one side of the escalator to allow way. One of the things that was quite interesting for me is how they don't toot there car horns; I mean tooting your horn is a language in Jamaica, we toot to say thank you, hello, get out the way, go ahead... you get the gist. I think its safe to say that Japan has one of the best customer service in the world; well,it is the best I have ever experienced and did I mention how clean the place is? It is really something to truly appreciate. How they fuse modern infrastructure along with  ancient monuments is simply AMAZING. From huge high rise buildings  that scrape the sky with dazzling city lights at night to Imperial Palaces and Shrines that take you back in  time. This doesn't begin to sums up the aura of this spectacular place.

First stop was Kamakura, where my sister and I visited the Kotokuin Temple and what a sight to behold. Here sits the Great  Big Buddha statue towering over us with such overwhelming presence;  a true celebrity having been hounded by camera lens from across the world time and time again. I definitely recommend anyone planning on visiting Japan to add this to their list of things to see.

Sneakers were the order for the day and these Vans are very comfortable and easy to move around in. I paired them with my now favorite butt rip jeans and this grey bodysuit. You can just call me the denim gal cause I am seriously addicted to jeans people.  I topped off the look with these frames from quayaustralia which has been perfect especially since  I have been going very light on makeup due to this humid Japan weather.
There are so many things to see and do in Japan, it can be a bit overwhelming. I was able to cover some of the main areas in the  Kanagawa and Tokyo Prefectures as they call it in Japan; which in layman terms is similar to a State or City depending on where you are in the world.  Up next is my favorite place I visited while in Japan. So stay tuned for the next blog post. Xo Sher.


So the thing about fashion is is forever changing yet it recycles itself. We see it time and time again trends come in and go out and then come back in again with of course a little bit of tweaking here and there. However, when it comes down to accessories such as handbag, shoes and jewellery these tend to stick around alot longer than their clothing counterparts. You find that you can wear a bag for years and it doesn't seem to go out of trend as opposed to a top that can be trendy this week and out of trend within the next month or less especially with the rise of fast fashion. Click to read more.
For this reason I have become more inclined to choosing quality over quantity when it comes down to these staple pieces  handbags and shoes. Today, I am featuring this hieleven bag which is so prefect for me because one,  it is clean line and minimalistic and the best part, it is made of  genuine leather. Now we all know that high quality leather makes for the best handbags and shoes. While it may cost double or triple the price of a regular handbag; it will be worth it in the years to come.
Raise your hands,  if you can attest to buying handbags and shoes alike where they either get dry rot or start to unravel after a couple of wears. You then find yourself spending the same amount or more, having to repeatedly buy these over and over again; which is a classic case of  being penny wise and pound foolish if you ask me.

I started investing in locally made genuine leather sandals like BridgetSandals and also a brand called Dnexstep for a few years now because I got fed up with cute  cheap sandals bursting off my feet. And let me tell you, I have had them going on four years now and none of them has budge. Now that is what you call value for money.
I am sure we are all feeling the heat as summer takes full effect, which for me means alot of off the should tops and cut off jeans. Here am wearing this yellow frill sleeve off the shoulder top from Bershka which I got through Asos and these ripped shorts from missguided.  Hope this was helpful when it come to making your next handbag or sandals purchase Xo Sher.


White sand, crystal clear water and lush vegetation is what sums up this gem of a Parish called Portland. Drum roll please because Round 5 of Island trekking finally took us to hands down,  my favorite Parish on the Island. If you're like me and hate overcrowded beaches and love to simply bask in nature, Portland is definitely the place for you. This beautiful parish is full of so many hidden gems; it has some of the best beaches on the Island and the most relaxing atmosphere. I doubled up on the adventure for this trek because I mean you can't just go to Portland and visit one area.

The Errol Flynn Marina was the first stop, the scenery here is beautiful and besides an array of boats it has a cozy little Bar and Grill and a small beach front nestle away next to the Port.

Now for the outfit; this top I got from Asos is quite versatile. Who doesn't love a piece of clothing that you can wear several ways and achieve  different looks? What I love about it is, it doubles as a top or a dress and can also work as a cover up. I wore it as a top this time around paired with this embroidery shorts I've had for the longest while and just haven't gotten around to wearing it.

Next stop was the San San beach, which was the pinnacle of the trek, the part where relaxation sets in. Spread your beach towel on the smooth white sand,  lay back and listen to the waves wash the shore, awwww pure serenity. Oh and then take a splash in that salt water. This orange  bikini I also got from Asos and I love the string details on the front of the top piece.

Another great thing about Portland for me is I find it to be more secluded and less touristy than in more popular spots like Montego Bay and Ochi Rios. It is one of the reasons why a lot of celebrities like Beyonce have stayed in Portland when they visit Jamaica. There is a lot to see in this Parish and who knows, I 'll probably include it in another Island Trek round. *Winks*
PS..There is a entry cost you will have to pay if you plan on taking a trip to this beach.


Oh sweet summer is here, and since I am back on my oh so sunny Island it's time for another round of Island trek. Yes I know it's been forever, but finally we made it to round four. On this leg of the trek, the destination is Jamaica's second city  Montego Bay better known as Mobay the tourist mecca of the Island. Confession, This is my second time in Mobay; yes I am one of those persons that hardly play in their own back yard, until now. On the contrary, Parishes like Portland and St.Mary have seen quiet a bit of me lol.

I did resort this time around, hubby and I checked into Iberostars Rose Hall Mobay; beautiful hotel with friendly staffs and great service. But while resorts are nice, my preference goes to villas/guest house or just venturing out and exploring the town and surroundings. Which is way more fun than being cooped up in just one place if you ask me.

Anyhow, let's talk outfit, summer screams prints and patterns, whereever and however  you want to wear them. From floral, gingham, chevron to abstract; they are staple necessities in every fashionistas' closet during this season. I could live in this maxi chevron  prints beach dress I got from boohoo which was too prefect for my stroll along the boardwalk.  I accessorized it with my trusty old Bridget sandals and these cool blue tinted shades I got from a local store in Kingston.  Summer is the most vibrant season and what better way to kick it off  than with resort hopping, trips to the beach and of course cocktails haha! Lots more trekking to come as we dive into summer (2017) so stay tuned, xo Sher.

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