So the thing about fashion is is forever changing yet it recycles itself. We see it time and time again trends come in and go out and then come back in again with of course a little bit of tweaking here and there. However, when it comes down to accessories such as handbag, shoes and jewellery these tend to stick around alot longer than their clothing counterparts. You find that you can wear a bag for years and it doesn't seem to go out of trend as opposed to a top that can be trendy this week and out of trend within the next month or less especially with the rise of fast fashion. Click to read more.
For this reason I have become more inclined to choosing quality over quantity when it comes down to these staple pieces  handbags and shoes. Today, I am featuring this hieleven bag which is so prefect for me because one,  it is clean line and minimalistic and the best part, it is made of  genuine leather. Now we all know that high quality leather makes for the best handbags and shoes. While it may cost double or triple the price of a regular handbag; it will be worth it in the years to come.
Raise your hands,  if you can attest to buying handbags and shoes alike where they either get dry rot or start to unravel after a couple of wears. You then find yourself spending the same amount or more, having to repeatedly buy these over and over again; which is a classic case of  being penny wise and pound foolish if you ask me.

I started investing in locally made genuine leather sandals like BridgetSandals and also a brand called Dnexstep for a few years now because I got fed up with cute  cheap sandals bursting off my feet. And let me tell you, I have had them going on four years now and none of them has budge. Now that is what you call value for money.
I am sure we are all feeling the heat as summer takes full effect, which for me means alot of off the should tops and cut off jeans. Here am wearing this yellow frill sleeve off the shoulder top from Bershka which I got through Asos and these ripped shorts from missguided.  Hope this was helpful when it come to making your next handbag or sandals purchase Xo Sher.

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